How does the free package work?

To build your online profile, Artists get 3 and Galleries get 5 free image listings per month. If you require more listings, they can be purchased separately, or you can sign-up for a monthly package with more listings that will suit your portfolio needs.

If I have a signed up for a membership, when will my account be billed?

You will be billed for a membership from the day you sign up.

If you sign up for a monthly membership, you will be billed the same day and time each month. 

Please note: Charges may take two business days to appear on your billing statement.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can deactivate your Affordable Art SA membership at any time.

Your membership will be active until the end of your paid period, but won’t be billed again.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your Affordable Art SA membership at any time.

To downgrade, make sure you are signed in.  Once you’re signed into your account:


From the drop-down menu:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Select “My Account” from the dropdown list
  3. Click on the memberships tab
  4. Click view on the related membership
  5. Select “cancel”
  6. Your membership will be automatically cancelled.

From your profile page:

  1. Login to your account, you will be redirected to your profile page
  2. From your profile page, select “My Account” from the left navigation panel
  3. Click on the memberships tab
  4. Click view on the related membership
  5. Select “cancel”
  6. Your membership will be automatically cancelled.

If you need further assistance, please contact us any time by email membershipsupport@affordableart.co.za

Mobile App

I signed up for a membership from my mobile device, and now I’d like to cancel. What do I do?

Because your membership was activated from a mobile device, you’ll need to cancel your membership through either iTunes or Google Play. Here’s how to deactivate your account:


From a phone

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon
  2. Scroll and tap on “iTunes & App Stores”
  3. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  4. Tap “View Apple ID” (you may need to sign in or use your Touch ID)
  5. Tap “Subscriptions”
  6. Scroll and tap on Affordable Art SA
  7. Tap the option to cancel your membership. Your membership will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.

From a computer

  1. Open iTunes
  2. From the main menu bar, click “Account”
  3. Select “View My Account” (you may need to enter your Apple ID and password)
  4. On the Account Information page, scroll to “Settings”
  5. Select “Manage,” across from “Subscriptions”
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription”

Google Play:

  1. From your phone, tap the “Google Play Store” icon
  2. Tap the menu
  3. Tap on your account
  4. Tap “Memberships”
  5. Scroll and tap on Affordable Art SA
  6. Tap the option to cancel your membership. Your membership will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.


I don't see my Affordable Art SA membership, but I’m still being charged. Why?

First, make sure you’re signed in with the right account. If you’ve double-checked your account information and still don’t see your membership, you may have signed up through our website. Send us an email to membersupport@affordableart.co.za and we’ll resolve the problem for you.

Will uninstalling the AffordableArtSA app automatically cancel my membership subscription?

No, uninstalling the AffordableArtSA app will not automatically cancel your membership. You need to log into your account and cancel the membership as described above. If you uninstall the app without cancelling your membership, you will still be charged.

How is it that you offer a free membership for this service?

Here at Affordable Art SA we believe that selling your art should be affordable to everyone. To achieve this, we offer our users a variety of membership packages. To determine which option will suit you the best, please refer to the Pricing page. Free package, not a free trial.

How secure is my information stored on the site?

To protect your private information from unauthorized access, we have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

Will I be charged after the free package ends?

No, your free package does not expire. That’s how nice we are.

Is there an AffordableArtSA app?

Our App is in the development stage and will be available soon. Sign-up for more info at iwanttheapp@affordableart.co.za

Do I have to register to make use of Affordable Art SA?

No, you do not need to register to use our site to find great art.

Being anonymous is great, but we are not all Banksy, to create your own listing, You will have to register and create a profile. You may also make use of your existing Facebook account to register / logon to affordableart.co.za.

Can I post for free?

Yes, but you will have to create a profile in order to make listings. See our Pricing page for more information.

Who can sell artwork on Affordable Art SA?

We welcome established and emerging South African Artist selling their own work and Galleries selling works by any South African local artists.

Why ask for my ID number when registering?

And can be found https://www.justice.gov.za/legislation/acts/2000-002.pdf

Can artists living outside of South Africa apply?

Unfortunately not.

Keeping to Local is Lekker, this is a classifieds website for South African Residents, having a green ID book or South African passport.

What currency will you be charged for purchasing memberships?

ZAR – South African Rand

What methods of payment are available on Affordable Art SA?

Our payment options are currently limited to the PayFast platform.

What are your cancellation policies?

We work on the basis of Pre – Paid Subscription based membership packages. We do not do any refunds. It is at your own discretion whether you post or use the service you have purchased in the time slots provided.

Our monthly recurring packages must be cancelled at least a day before the next month’s run. We do not take responsibility or give refunds if not cancelled in time.

How can I contact Affordable Art SA?


We provide email support always within 8 hours, but usually a response can be expected within an hour or less. Unfortunately, we do not offer telephonic support.

Do we charge commission selling your artwork?

No, the transaction is directly between the seller and the buyer.

How do I contact the seller of an artwork on Affordable Art SA?

The artwork listing has a contact form where you can send a message directly to the seller

The seller will then respond to your message and you can decide your preferred mode of communication.

How do I describe the condition of a listing?

If a particular part of the item is either not working, missing or damaged, then describe this in your advertisement. Explaining everything in as much detail as possible will allow the buyer to make an informed decision. An informed buyer is a happy buyer. Use the following description of the condition of the art piece

Like New / Mint / Perfect – No damage of any kind that could devalue the item.  Small nicks, dings or marks would not be acceptable. If an item is described as this, you would expect it to be when it left the workstation.

Very Good –Allowed to have minor wear, with minor marks on it.

Good –Have moderate signs of use. It’s also quite likely to have marks or dings on it.

What do I include in the selling price?

Let the buyer know ‘exactly’ what it’s going to cost them. Items should be listed without shipping included.

Does the price of the artwork include shipping?

The price of the artwork does not include shipping. NEVER ship artwork to a buyer unless payment has been received and cleared by your bank.

Do I need to take professional photographs of my artwork?

Whether it is Classical Art or Digital Art, the pictures that accompany your listing, is the most important factor in catching the eye and interest of potential buyers. A picture speaks a thousand words, make sure that the images are of good quality by a professional photographer or someone you know that can assist with the capturing.

Clean the item before you photograph it. Take good photos. Close ups of any marks are always worth showing and a simple clean photo with a plain background will not only showcase the item better but make it easier for the buyer to see what they are getting.

How many images can I upload at a time?

Affordable Art SA classifieds provide 5 slots to upload images of the same art piece for artist and 10 images for Galleries. Close up photographs of the detail, will give buyers confidence to enquire about your artwork.

We suggest including the following in the images: Framed or Unframed, Artist’s Signature, Back of the work. Paperwork confirming authenticity or appraisal, Condition issues.

How do I describe my artwork?

Most important is to provide size of the item you are selling. Measure the item and give approximate sizes. Don’t assume that the buyer has done their research and may be disappointed by the size / weight of the item. Artist selling their own work should provide as much detailed information about the story of each artwork in the provided space. Additional information about previous exhibitions, prizes and awards are always helpful to share

Measurements below, are provided when you list an add below the search categories. Below are the sizes that accompanies the descriptions.

Miniature                            6.7”x 6.7” = 170mm x 170mm
Small                                     10″x10″ = 255mx255mm
Medium                               12″x12″ = 305mx305mm
Large                                     14″x14″ = 365mx365mm
Extra Large                          16″x16″ = 406mx406mm
Extra X Large                      20″x20″ = 508mx508mm
Extra XX Large                   24″x24″ = 610mx610mm
Oversize                              30″x30″ = 762mmx762mm
Huge                                     36″x36″ = 915mx915mm
Bring a Bakkie                    40″x40″ = 1016mx1016mm
Digital Format                    Hi-res
Digital Format                    Low-res
Digital Format                    Vector

Is Affordable Art part of the transaction or liable for fraud.

At Affordable Art SA you are in control of every aspect of the sale of your artwork. From the photos, information you provide in your listing, and making contact with protentional buyer’s. Also arranging the shipping quote, receiving payment and shipping of the artwork.

What is the process if I buy an artwork from a seller on Affordable Art SA and there is a problem with the artwork or I don’t like it?

When you purchase an artwork, ask the seller if they accept returns of the artwork, after you purchase it. Sellers who offers artwork for sale on Affordable Art SA can decide whether or not to accept returns on sales and offer full or partial refunds. Affordable Art don’t intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers of artwork on the site.

How do I optimise my listing?

Make sure to fill in all the categories that are applicable to your art work only. You don’t want to land up in the wrong place and miss a chance to be discovered by a potential buyer looking for something specific.

Once you have uploaded your listing, you can make use of our Featured Ad function. It is a great, additional way of promoting your artwork to visitors to Affordable Art SA, right there on our home page for all to see. An additional method to get extra exposure is to share your listing to your social media pages.

Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?

You retain the rights to your art, even after it has been sold. Photos or Digital Format art represented, is the seller’s own responsibility and own prerogative to register a trademark for copyright protection. Images may not be watermarked once sold and transferred. LINK Fair Use Policy

How many images can I post per listing?

Offering more than a single item within the same listing space will be deleted. We provide 5 images for the same artwork, to display the art that is for sale, at its best.

Only one Affordable Art SA account per user is allowed. multiple accounts for duplicating ads are not permitted. Members may only offer to sell art items they own, not for a friend.

Are duplicate ads allowed?

Only one account per user is allowed. Creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of duplicating ads is not permitted.

The duplicates rule applies to free ads as well.

Ads duplicated across multiple regions or categories are not allowed.

Same text is repeated with different images, be original.

More than 1 free ad placed for the same artwork by the same user within 7 days. Fair use policies apply

What age restriction do you have?

Using of Affordable Art SA, you agree that you are older than 18 years of age. Parents can post for children and my not be under the age of 13 years.

In what language must be used for descriptions?

We only accept ads in English.

What Items are not allowed on Affordable Art SA?

No artwork depicting religion, sex or politics. This includes Anime Hentai and Manga images or videos. This will be deleted with no refund. NO unacceptable images depicting nudity, sex, violence, cruelty etc.

Inappropriate language and discriminatory on race / religion / nationality

Non-art related products

“Selfies” and images that have no obvious relation or affinity to the ad listing will be deleted.

Make sure that your photos are suitable and appropriate to the item, product or service being advertised.

Images downloaded from the internet (stock images) are not allowed.


All items must be available in South Africa only!

In what format and size must images be?

Images will be best in the following sizes to upload to your profile. 000 x 000

The pictures that accompany your listing, is the most important factor make sure that the images are of good quality by a professional photographer or someone you know, that can assist with the capturing.

It is implied if you submit photographs that these will have to be sold in limited edition quantities (up to ten in total).

How do I optimise the Posting Categories?

Ads must be posted in the correct or most relevant category. Posted under wrong category (You must choose the single most relevant category for your ad).

We provide an extensive categories list for all the art types, for you to find the most relevant for your art piece.

You may not copy other user ads, please be original.

Am I allowed to display my Contact Detail or Phone Number on this site?

Make sure you use the phone number field carefully when adding in your contact details when you sign up. You may only include your contact number here and not in the description of the adds sellers note. You have the option to display or not display information at your own discretion. For your own protection we prefer email as the initial contact method as provided by Affordable Art SA platform.

No email or website links to other websites or social media sites in the seller’s nots are allowed.

Social media and links to business sites are not allowed or links to competitor sites.

Share buttons are available for you to share, to your own social media platforms.

Contact details through the means as part of an overlay, logo or watermark on the image.

When will my ad be Removed?

Offering more than one art piece within the same listing ad. The 5 images provided are for one artwork at a time, captured from different angles.

There are several reasons why your Ad may have been removed from the site including:

Bad quality photos and inappropriate images and not enough description.

Unsuitable for example which are too small or not clear to see.

Ads that do not provide enough detail will be removed as this makes for a bad browsing experience

Adds with overlay, logo or watermark on them.

No artwork depicting religion, sex or politics. This includes Anime Hentai and Manga images or videos. This will be deleted with no refund.

NO links to or mention of ads on competitor websites.

Duplicated ads, fraudulent ads and ads under wrong category will be deleted immediately without notification or refunds.

Your ad may be temporarily suspended as we reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or remove content

How can I report an ad?

Report potentially fraudulent ads via the “report ad” email – report@affordableart.co.za

Reported ads are dealt with as quickly as we can. If it hasn’t broken any Posting Policies (General posting rules) or Public Ads Terms of Use it should be back up again. Check back in after a few hours.

Posted and reported ads or those parts thereof, that we believe is inappropriate or breaching our terms of use will be removed.

We may, at our discretion, put ads on hold or make minor changes thereto, when they do not comply with the Posting Policies.

How to create a safe ad?

Only give information regarding the item for sale. The less you disclose the safer you are.

Make sure no unnecessary personal information like your house-number or any reflections can be seen in the photo. Do not publish photos with people in them, only art work that is for sale.

Does Affordable Art SA have buyer’s protection programs?

Unfortunately, www.affordableart.co.za doesn’t offer a buyer / payment protection program. We do recommend to go to Scamwatch to familiarise yourself with what’s happening in the scammer’s world.   https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/types-of-scams/buying-or-selling/classified-scams

How do I keep my account safe?

With registration, be aware that the following fields are visible to the public:  First and Last Name, Cell number and email address.

Should you have privacy concerns:
1. You are not required to submit your contact number upon registration. Should at any time you wish to remove your contact number, you are able to remove it from your profile settings.

2. You can set your email addresses visibility from your profile settings.

You can make use of the contact form, for privacy and security as a first line of contact. Should you not wish to display your contact information.

Create strong passwords using a combination of digits, letters and symbols. Do not store the login password info in the browser of your digital devices. Do not share it with anyone. If you suspect someone knows your password, change it immediately.

How do I respond to initial contact?

Communicate only through email and don’t give the other person your physical address.

Use our contact form to reach and interact with the potential buyer as an additional layer of protection from fraud. Control information going out from your end and only discuss the item for sale. Ask any questions you may have about the condition and/or history of the item.

Beside communicating over email, we recommend talking to the seller by phone before meeting them. We encourage face-to-face, local, trading.

Stop contact if something feels off.

What private information should not be given out?

You should never give out your accounting details (bank account, ID number, paypal account, or payment login and password.

Where is the best place to safely meet?

Public space meet during daylight hours such as a bank or coffeeshop, a hotel lobby, busy gas station, coffeeshop, or similar location would work (and these also usually provide ATMs for easy access to cash) preferably one with lots of witnesses and security cameras.

You and the seller can withdraw and deposit cash without having to carry it around so to avoid the chance of being robbed.

It also gives you the space to inspect the item help you avoid scams. Meeting in person will help you avoid 99% of scam attempts on the classifieds service. Be careful when buying high-value items.

Trading locally for safe deals are recommended and always have someone with you.

Turn down any request to meet at your house or studio If the items to big and has to be at your house make sure of the following:

Meet in a public space close to your house and take someone with you.

Note the license plate number, colour, and model of the buyer’s vehicle.

Both take a picture of the buyer’s identification, and if you are comfortable then proceed to your house/studio.

If the person makes you uncomfortable at any point during the transaction, walk away from the deal. Always trust your instincts.

Let buyers see as little as necessary of your house, so try and do the transaction outside your house or studio.

If more than one person arrives, keep them together. Decline a request if they ask to use the restroom. It may seem rude to refuse to let someone use your bathroom, but it is not. This leaves them unsupervised and increases their ability to scope out more of your house and any items worth stealing, while you are busy with the other person.

What is the best payment method?

Make it clear that you will only accept cash for the item, and do your best to verify if the currency notes are genuine.


In online classifieds, it’s best to pay cash or do person-to-person payment methods PayPal or FNB eWallet. EFT payments must clear first in your bank account.

Do not provide payment to anyone you have not met in person. Never send your item before receiving the money.

Always inspect items before paying If the item is not as described or pictured, don’t be afraid to walk away from the deal or change your offer.

Don’t accept partial payments. Never accept a proof of payment SMS or email. Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders.

For high-value art, consider requesting a certificate of authenticity or proof of purchase. High value items, best to meet inside a bank where you can deposit the money before leaving the buyer can’t turn around and rob you.

How do I know if I am being scammed?

Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is, unrealistic offers a ploy to get you to make a hasty decision. They create a sense of urgency, pressuring you to finish the transaction fast.

Beware offers involving shipping – Pay for shipping only if you know the seller.

Beware of unusual/suspicious requests and beware of under-priced offers.

Be careful of buyers avoiding questions and avoid talking on the phone in person.

What Buyer scams, do I need to look out for?

An increase in the number of reported cases where an Uber/driver is used to collect an item from the seller has been reported. The seller receives a fake EFT soon after the driver arrives to collect the item. If you have experienced a similar situation, please contact us at


Here are the red flags to watch out for:

1. The buyer wants to send a driver/Uber/friend to collect the item on their behalf.
2. The buyer doesn’t want to meet in person and communicates via WhatsApp.
3. The buyer insists on an EFT payment.
4. The buyer accidentally pays too much for the item and asks the seller to refund the additional amount.

Can I report a scam?

Please contact us about any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, ads, or other activity by community members. In case of fraud or illegal activity, we also recommend that you report it to the Police. Report to us report@affordableart.co.za

What do I do when I get scammed?

Report it to us at report@affordableart.co.za

Go to your nearest Police Station and open a case.

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